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DEM's policy

DEM S.L. is a solid reality, with its own identity, with a past and a present that are the result of a lot of dedication and hard work, and with growing concern for the future to consolidate its position in the short term and, above all, in the long term, based on the professionalism of our people and the efficiency of our organisation. A way of doing honest, ethical business, where people count.

In this sense, we need to ensure the satisfaction and trust of our customers and our commitment to continuous improvements. Our aim is to create a climate that is favourable to innovation, to change, so we encourage all personnel to suggest improvements and we provide the means to put these into practice.

In addition, DEM S.L. also works to preserve the environment and ensure improved performance. This it does by ensuring that it meets its legal commitments through the establishment of internal procedures and regulations, by using the most appropriate and economically viable means and by applying actions to prevent pollution.

We also optimise the use of natural resources by fostering water and energy savings and rationalising the consumption of raw materials.

To do this, DEM S.L. is committed to maintaining the Quality Management System in accordance with UNE-EN-ISO 9001 regulations and the Environment Management System in accordance with UNE-EN-ISO 14001, for the Manufacture and Design of Electrodes, Electrode Holders, Arms, Machines and Special Tools for Resistance Soldering.

We also understand that there is only one way of doing things: “the safe way”, and this is why we give priority to Work Risk Prevention regulations regarding the rights and obligations of workers and the company. Not only are we committed to complying with current legislation, but we will go further than its requirements whenever possible.

The following are the values of DEM, a series of beliefs that are deeply rooted in our culture and that differentiate our company and the people who make it:

  • Customer service: We tackle all challenges to help our customers deal with difficulties or meet their needs, irrespective of any direct profit there may be
  • Product quality: DEM products achieve high levels of quality based on effective design, production and control processes. We want the market to see this and recognise us for it
  • Respect for people: All collaborators, both internal and suppliers, feel protected (at ease) and treated with respect. DEM collaborators do not feel the need to look for professional alternatives
  • An open company: DEM has no access barriers to:
    • Information about the state of the business
    • Managers to comment on or propose personal or professional concerns
  • Knowledge: DEM collaborators continuously develop their skills through ongoing training plans. In addition, these new skills are rolled out and shared with their collaborators and at other levels of the company.
  • The search for excellence: DEM focuses all its actions on the search for continuous improvements to product features and results


What helps us reach these values?

  • Honesty, communication, empathy and team work
  • Self-commitment, self-control and a passion for work done well
  • Curiosity, a desire to learn and to want to share knowledge


                                                              19th April of 2015, Management