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Resistance welding miscellaneous

In DEM we can supply any kind of part belonging to a welding gun or to any resistance welding machine. The materials we mostly use are copper alloys, although we also work with aluminum, stainless steel, celotex, nylon and brass, among other materials.

We also have an effective anti spatter spray to apply in the resistance welding processes or whenever particle projections might become a problem.

Another resulting product of DEM’s know-how is the hybrid guide pin for resistance welding, made out of ceramics and stainless steel which combines the best characteristics of both materials.

Aliminiun support for resistance welding gunAnti spatter spray for weldingMechanization according to drawingStainless steel and ceramic guide pin
  • Resistance welding gun bodies
  • Complex copper mechanization
  • Complex aluminium mechanization
  • Complex brass mechanization
  • Anti spatter spray for welding
  • Stainless steel and ceramic hybrid guide pin