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Other copper busbars

We can manufacture any sort of busbar for the current circuit of any resistance welding application such as shunts, flexible braided conductors, machined cold-formed and welded refrigerated busbars, etc.

Even though DEM is a company specialized in resistance welding, it also manufactures any kind of busbars for other sectors like the aeronautical, the railway, the renewable energies, the electrical or any other that needs copper parts.

We are specialists in copper mechanization and in DEM we are ready to face the mechanization of any part the client might propose in spite of its difficulty.

Copper busbarsCopper busbarsCopper busbarsResistance welding shunts
  • Flexible busbars or shunts
  • Rigid busbars
  • Busbars with internal or external refigeration
  • Copper braidings