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About us

We are a company with 100 workers and more than 30 years of experience. Dem is SPECIALIZED IN COPPER MACHINING, coming from the resistance welding sector, and also working in other different markets such as railway, medical or energy. We produce high-precision custom-made copper parts, offering our wide range of services in machining, bending, deep drilling thanks to a wide machinery park and long know-how. We also work other kinds of materials like Aluminum, Brass, or Stainless Steel.

In the last few years, we have been involved in different complex projects with copper as main material. We do offer our Project Management service to lead all procedures from the beginning to the end, giving a full turn-key project follow-up (including material sourcing quality control, machining process management, components mounting and final quality verification).

After many years of long business relationships buying directly from Top Copper manufacturers, we have a large stock of different alloys and formats. We also work to accomplish all your requirements, such as any special documentation requests or quality verification.

In the area of ENGINEERING PROJECTS, we provide solutions for industrial production needs mainly in the automotive sector, within fields such as resistance welding, arc welding, laser cutting and micro-welding. We are also specialized in metal sheet manipulation automation. At DEM ENGINEERING, we carry out all the phases of the process – everything going from the design to the start-up – under the supervision of our own qualified staff. We work on the basis of flexibility, which allows us to adjust as far as possible to the customer’s needs and find ways to optimize their process.

DEM exports 80% of its production. Our main importers in Europe are Germany and France. From 2017, we set up a plant in Mexico (Puebla), to produce copper parts for the whole North American market.

DEM Barcelona is focused on accomplishing your customized needs, and we work daily to improve our production processes, machinery capability, quality control and copper work expertise. Our main goal is to satisfy your personalized requests.

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