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About us

We are a company with 90 workers and more than 25 years of experience SPECIALIZED IN RESISTANCE WELDING, notably in the automotive sector. We deal with the production of consumables as well as with the design, manufacturing, automatization and start-up of installations.  

In the field of CONSUMABLE MANUFACTURE, we are experts and European leaders in the manufacturing of complex parts and we count on the technology developed by our own team meant to improve the performance of your lines and to increase energy savings. Our main customers are car manufacturers as well as intermediaries and gun manufacturersWe offer an emergency service for consumables.

In the area of ENGINEERING PROJECTS, we provide solutions for industrial production needs within fields such as resistance welding, arc welding, laser welding and laser cut. We are also specialised in the manipulation of metal sheets.  At DEM we carry out all the phases of the process – everything going from the design to the start-up – under the supervision of our own qualified staff. We work on the basis of flexibility, which allows us to adjust as far as possible to the costumer’s needs and to find ways to optimise their process. We are certified providers for branches worldwide of Tier I and II groups such as SNOP, Gestamp and others.  

DEM exports 80% of its production to more than 30 countries. Our main importers are Germany and France. At the moment we have the highest turnover in our history, thus consolidating a trend which has been proved consistent throughout the years. 

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