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Surface treatments and coatings

DEM features an area that is dedicated to surface treatments and coatings for our parts:

  • Surface coatings: Surface coatings are used to change the external characteristics of a material to make it harder, increase its conductivity, protect it from corrosion, or simply to change its appearance.
  • Selective coatings: We apply coatings to specific areas of a part. By applying this technique, we can perform surface coatings on the required areas of large parts.
  • Heat treatments: DEM has furnaces to provide treatments that enable us to bend and machine copper and aluminum to guarantee the mechanical characteristics requested by clients in the finished product, in addition to releasing the material's internal stresses for high-precision machining.
Surface treatments and coatingsSurface treatments and coatingsSurface treatments and coatings
  • Galvanized silver, electrolytic silver, or silver coating
  • Galvanized copper, electrolytic copper, or copper coating
  • Zinc-nickel
  • Chemical nickel plating and galvanized nickel plating
  • Hard anodizing, decorative anodizing