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Engineering projects

We are pleased to present our services in mechanical engineering and machinery construction, which we offer in the development of customized automated systems, as well as in the design and manufacturing of fixtures and equipment for various industries, meeting the specific requirements of our customers. Whether you are initiating a new project or require modifications and improvements to existing projects, our experience is at your disposal.

Our expertise lies in the design and implementation of projects that ensure productivity, efficiency, and safety in industrial processes. We work closely with our clients, taking into account their specific requirements, industry standards, and regulatory provisions. From conceptual design to final commissioning by our team, we ensure that every detail is carefully addressed to guarantee a fully functional and high-quality solution.

Engineering projects Engineering projects Engineering projects

In addition to automated systems, we also offer the production of tools and components for existing (retrofit) machinery. Our team of experienced engineers use their extensive knowledge and expertise to develop innovative and reliable solutions that enhance the performance of your processes. 

Throughout our 30 years of existence, at DEM, we have been able to apply our experience in various industries. Whether in the automotive sector, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, or other diverse fields, we have the capabilities to tackle diverse engineering challenges. Our flexible team possesses the skills and experience to undertake projects of varying complexity and scale. We take pride in our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Our engineers are driven and strive to meet your expectations in every project we undertake. We value open communication, collaboration, and attention to detail to ensure that our solutions are tailored to your needs.

The DEM portfolio encompasses mechanical engineering, welding and general fixture construction, the design of special welding systems, as well as the automation of new and existing processes. Laser welding fixtures and robotic welding cells are some of our particular strengths, along with micro-resistance welding technology, which we represent for our German partner KombiTec in Spain. To complete our service, we also offer specific welding technology training to fully meet your needs.