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Installations for resistance welding and other aplications

Apart from machine manufacture, we also count on experienced staff devoted to the sectors of automation, programming and integration with robots. This enables us to design and produce welding installations and robotized welding cells.

Our engineering department provides the design which better suits our client needs, including the feeding and extracting methods required by the installation and production capacity. We integrate projects at our clients’ premises with turn-key delivery included.

We carry out automations, integrations and optimization studies for industrial processes.

Installation Projection welding cell Spot welding cell Spot welding machine
  • CO2 or arc welding automated cells
  • Resistance welding automated cells
  • CO2 or arc welding robotic cells
  • Resistance welding robotic cells
  • Automation of any type of welding cell
  • Robotic cells programation
  • Retrofitting of existing installations
  • Optimization of existing installations