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Subsidiary of DEM in Mexico

The company DEM Barcelona S.L., which is headquartered in the region of Bages, began its internationalization process in 2015 by legally constituting its subsidiary DEM Welding S. de R.L. de C.V. in the state of Puebla (Mexico).

To date, significant sales work has been completed and the necessary resources have been fine tuned in order to begin production operations in Puebla at the beginning of 2017.

The goal is to be able to equip DEM Welding with the material and human resources to provide services to meet the needs of our automotive sector customers in North America (Canada, United States and Mexico).

Our customers include top OEM manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, General Motors, Seat, PSA Group, etc. as well as third party manufacturers like SNOP, GESTAMP, GEDIA, etc.

We also produce components for ARO, NIMAK, SERRA, etc., which are top international welding clamp manufacturers.

Top quality and a clear customer-oriented approach are some of the most outstanding DEM Barcelona values and we believe the positioning of our subsidiary in Mexico should be based on these values as well.

Therefore, our subsidiary DEM Welding is equipped with CNC machinery with the most advanced technology and from the most prestigious brands on the market as far as lathes and mechanization centers.

This is how we will achieve the highest level of dimensional precision in the mechanization of our copper and aluminum components like welding electrodes, electrode carriers, arms and rigid and flexible conductors.

Our R+D center will continue to be located in Barcelona. With better software and 3D technology like Catia V5, SoldWorks, etc., it will assist the team in Mexico with anything needed for proper production operations.

At DEM, we’re very excited about this international expansion project and believe it is the logical result of the character of a company that is clearly focused on exporting and which has always looked beyond the limit of its borders.