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Cooper resistance welding consummables

We are delighted to introduce our specialized production services we offer in the manufacturing copper resistance welding consumables. With a focus on supporting production processes in various industries such as automotive, railway, and other industrial sectors, we have established ourselves as a trusted provider of high-quality components that adhere to our customers' specifications.

At DEM, we understand the importance of customer-driven designs in the manufacturing of copper resistance welding consumables, such as welding gun arms, electrode holders, conductors and shunts, and any other kind of copper/aluminum parts. We recognize that each item is unique, and our experienced team is well-equipped to transform your requirements into reliable resistance welding consumables.

With a substantial stock available, we directly purchase copper raw material from trusted manufacturers. We ensure adherence to item-specific manufacturing specifications and criteria.

We invite you to explore our website further to learn more about our comprehensive range of resistance welding sort of copper and aluminum resistance welding consumables. Whether you have a specific design in mind or require expert guidance in developing a tailored solution, we are committed to delivering outstanding products that align with your needs.

Welding consummablesWelding consummablesWelding consummables