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Anti-spattering spray

Welding spatter can make it difficult to disassemble and maintain clamps, tools, and welding machines. DEM offers an anti-spattering spray that prevents spatter and other impurities from sticking to critical work areas. It is easy-to-use, non-oily, dries quickly, and is friendly for users and the environment.

This 100% boron nitride product is recognized in the automotive world for being extremely effective against welding spatter.

Anti-spattering spray
  • The spray can be used in any position, even upside-down. Users don’t have to disassemble the parts where they want to apply it.
  • Resistant to temperatures of up to 2,000 ºC.
  • Used by PSA, Renault, Toyota, Wagon Automotive, etc. The product is recognized throughout the automotive world.
  • This 100% boron nitride product does not contain mixtures or talc, which lower product quality.