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Conductors and shunts

An electrical conductor is a physical material that easily facilitates the passage of electrical charges and internal heat dissipation. Metals such as copper and aluminum are particularly good conductors and DEM specializes in machining, treating, and modeling these two materials.

These products are applied in a wide variety of sectors, from the automotive industry to the energy industry, from aerospace to railways, and more.

DEM manufactures rigid conductors as well as flexible conductors to offer 100% adaptability to our clients' needs, in addition to providing different finishes and surface treatments.

Conductors and shuntsConductors and shuntsConductors and shunts

Rigid conductors: solid and machined. They can be bent accurately at several points to achieve more complex shapes:

  • Copper conductors
  • Aluminum conductors
  • Refrigerated conductors

Flexible conductors: For circuits that require a certain amount of movement:

  • Shunts
  • Braiding and refrigerated braiding.