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Special and standard electrodes for resistance welding

We have a stock of standard CAPS and machines adapted to medium series production of special electrodes

For special electrodes, DEM has developed several manufacturing techniques which require less quantity of material than other conventional methods. 

The technical department helps the client to design or improve parts according to their industrial needs.

The processes used in DEM are stamping, extrusion, bending and cold forming.

Seam welding rollersSpherical electrode for resistance weldingSpot welding electrodesSpot welding electrodesSpot welding electrodes
  • Special electrodes for resistance welding
  • Standard electrodes for resistance welding
  • Projection welding electrodes
  • Projection welding electrodes with inverted nut detection system
  • Sphericals for resistance welding
  • Rings or discs for seam welding
  • Electrodes according to drawing
  • Design of electrodes according to costumer needs