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Copper and aluminium forming

Cold copper forming is a difficult technique, but our vast experience in doing so has made us specialists in this area. DEM features a rigorous and proven methodology for forming all types of copper and aluminum parts. At DEM, we can bend solid bars of copper and aluminum (both cylindrical and rectangular), as well as aluminum sheet products and copper in various formats. Thanks to the technology and applied methodology from over 25 years of experience in this sector, our precision allows us to make bent copper items for multiple applications, with minimum tolerances. Depending on the alloy, we use our own heat treatments before and after the process to guarantee the material's initial properties.

Copper and aluminium formingCopper and aluminium formingCopper and aluminium forming
  • Bent copper sheets in different formats
  • Bent cylindrical copper bars
  • Bent rectangular copper bars
  • Bent aluminum parts